Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hopworks beer and sausage...

So I gave myself a little break from the diety thingy I'm doing, and came to Hopworks for a pint of beer and an internet connection. I'm sitting next to four writers from the Oregonian, and I just finished an ESB, and I tell you, it was Extra Special, as the name suggests. It was happy hour, the waitress suggests the the pepper and garlic sausage, so I said sure. Here comes a mammoth sandwich with Kraut and whole grain mustard, served with handmade chips for $3.75(!)- it wasn't the most amazing sausage I've ever had, but it was more than filling, complemented the beer very well, and was a great deal. Bravo Hopworks, and here is to handmade beer in a frothy mug!!!!



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