Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Finishing salts, BBQ tastings, et al...

So first off, my opinion on finishing salts- I was always taught to season before you cook. In my career, I've found this to be very sound advice. I had the occasion to eat at a very nice restaurant in Seattle a short time ago, and as is the case with nice, cutting edge restaurants, they want to be, well, on the cutting edge. So they use finishing salts. I found that one bite would be oversalted, and one bite would be bland. Please folks, have fun with your finishing salts, but do yourself a favor and make sure you season BEFORE the food goes in the pan... and now I will step down from my soap box, and tell you another tale of culinary bliss!
My friend Ken, owner of The Filling Station Deli, came over to the house yesterday so that he and I could work on a spankin' BBQ sauce for his pulled pork sandwich that is on his menu. We made three different sauces, all similar but with all slightly different flavor profiles, to come up with the 'mac daddy' BBQ for the best sandwich shop in Yamhill Co., Oregon. I will keep you informed on what happens with it, and what route Ken takes on his way to BBQ fame.
I have to run, but keep up the fun, and for the love of blog, keep cooking, and tell me about it, I want to know!

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Whitster said...

Quinn, check out my cool foods I made or ate site on Facebook. Only foodie pictures. I will be adding to it as my belly grows!!