Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great Balls of Fire!

Hello Faithful Blog-followers!

Last night, I spent the night at a fun restaurant in Beaverton, OR called Salvadore Molly's. I was there to watch the filming of a nationally televised TV show called Man vs. Food. It involves a guy buy the name of Adam Richman, who goes around to different foodie competitions and pits himself against the food of choice. Last night was 'balls of fire'. They are very similar to hush puppies, but are spiked with cheese and habenero peppers. I had one, dipped in the 'salsa' which seems to be not much more than habenero peppers, and perhaps a bit of vinegar and carrot. I had one, and though it started quietly, it became very hot, very quickly. But as Mr. Richman suggested in his piece on them, though they are quite hot, they taste very good as well. I enjoyed my one... Adam ate 5 in 5 minutes. These tasties that were created for a charity event to benefit Oregon Heat, a non profit dedicated to getting much needed heating assistance to the elderly, sick and underpriveleged, have been burning people up inside for years. I am to understand that a few years ago, a person ate 45 of them in competition. Bravo I say! My one was excellent. Until next time, be safe and watch out for those great balls of fire- they will getcha!

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