Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turduckens, Thanksgiving and Tahiti...

Sitting here in LAX, just getting back from French Polynesia, and another successful trip. Thanksgiving saw me making my first ever homemade Turducken, the Louisianna classic. It was very well recieved by the guests, along with all the other fixin's. T-day was spent in Huahine, a 10 hours Northwest of Tahiti. It was a quick trip, four days, but we caught a beautiful wahoo, and a couple of equally beautiful Trevalley. That wahoo was sashimi'd, sushi'd, grilled, oven roasted, and deep fried, with filet to spare. The trevalley was tempura'd and enjoyed immensely.
the weather was nothing to write home about, unless it was to say that it sucked. It was rainy and overcast every day, with big gusts of wind that did minimal damage, but damage just the same. getting ready to hop on a flight to Portland, but will write more later. Peace!

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