Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leaving, on a jet plane...Again.

Hello all-

I leave tomorrow, again, off to the South Pacific for another go round of the lovely game called 'motor yachting'. I have to put that chef's hat on again, and go to work. I would like to say that had a great experience on Friday night, with a great dinner party for some friends returning to the East coast after 4 years here in the Willamette Valley. Five different types of sausage, grilled and served with some of the finest wines around, bacon and blue cheese potato salad, grilled sweet potatoes with cumin and cilantro, salad, cheese platters, a green salad with pomegranate and chevre, and about 30 great fun people. I shall not soon forget that time. Bravo!

But I'm off to Polynesia, back to the grind. Will write again in a week or so, if not a quick one in the airport tomorrow. Stay safe while I'm gone, fair readers!

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Kelly said...

Hey Quinn,
We found your hat, your pictures and some lost tattoos! I have learned not to put them where you do not want them to last for a awhile ....yes tattoos and wine ... not a good combo! Where will you be at Christmas time??
Looks like your having fun being a new blogger ...looks great! Everyone says HELLOOOOOO!!!