Saturday, November 15, 2008

So here I am in lovely, lovely, Maine. I've been here for a few days, hanging out with my brother, his wife Kelly, and my great nephews, Mike and Sam, and my favorite niece, Kathryn.
They have three dogs- Pirate, a Dashchund, Max, hound/mutt, and Matilda, or Maddy is the beautiful specimen to the left. She is an English Mastiff, with a wonderful, mellow disposition.
I've had a wonderful time, but as a traveller, I must move on to the next stop on my journey. I leave today by bus for Boston to see friends and family. I came out to the east coast from Oregon on the 10th of the month, and leave on the 20th, back to the west coast. So though my time is limited, I'm making it all count. I came out here to see family and friends and to see a town square be named Corbett square, in honor of 6 of my great uncles. Check this video out, if you are interested in those festivities-
The ceremony was very touching, and I got to reconnect with many relatives. We Arlington Corbett's are quite prolific!
So I'm off to get ready to take my niece and nephews to a 'cookie bistro' where they will make, decorate, and bake cookies, drink milk, and have a great time. So until the next entry, 'May the Blog be with you!"

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